Felice Gabaglio, for 20 years
Synonymous with elegance and sophistication

For 20 years, Felice Gabaglio has been synonymous with fine jewellery. In 1922 Mr Felice Gabaglio started a business manufacturing and selling watches (ICE brand) after having attended the School of Schaffhausen and completed a lengthy apprenticeship in Italy and in Switzerland. The business immediately developed successfully, such that after the war the Como sales outlet became a constant reference point for the creation of unique pieces for prestigious Italian and international clients, gaining significant renown. In 1953 Mrs Attilia Gabaglio took over the business from her father, replacing the production of watches with the creation of jewellery, thanks to her strong aesthetic sense and refined elegance. Her first collections revealed great talent, thanks to her skilful art of blending very high quality precious stones with exclusive and elegant materials and shapes.

From the 1950s to the present day, the Gabaglio jewellers has interpreted the style and taste of ever-changing fashions. The business has developed into a crescendo of successes and professional satisfactions in recent times. The large archive of original designs is a valuable record of the evolution of the style of jewellery from the last century to the present day. Since 1985 Mrs Attilia has been supported by her daughter Marina, who pursues a policy of stylistic and entrepreneurial continuity albeit introducing innovative and modern elements, constantly striving to achieve Italian jewellery excellence.